Fees for Service

Professional Fees and Disbursements

Our fees are based on actual time spent, including meetings, telephone conversations, emails, letters, travelling and waiting and overall management of the matter entrusted to us.

Urgent work shall be billed at 50% increased rate. Urgent work done on weekends and holidays shall be billed at 100% increased rate. We reserve the right to adjust our fees where the matter becomes complex or novel questions of law arises, after due notice in writing to you.

All costs and expenses including incidentals shall be charged separately.

Our invoices are payable upon presentation without any deductions or setoff. Payments made after 30 days of invoice date will attract interest of 1.5% per month.

We reserve the right to cease acting for you where our invoices remain outstanding beyond 1 month.

Hourly rate (From 1 April 2023)

The hourly rate for Mr Ibrahim will be $1,500.00 per hour.

For all other solicitors, our hourly rates are as follows:

Post-call experience

Less than 15 years – $1,200 / hour

Less than 12 years – $900 / hour

Less than 9 years – $750 / hour

Less than 6 years – $600 / hour

Less than 3 years – $450 / hour

Trainees – $300 / hour

Our hourly rates may be revised by way of written notice to you.

Fees estimates may be breached but we shall engage you before the same is breached.

Fixed Fees

Before 1 April 2023 From 1 April 2023
Initial consultation $600.00 per half hour

$600.00 per half hour

Simple Divorce

(Only with HDB Property)

$6,000.00 $8.000.00

Trademark Registration

$2,500.00 per mark per class

$3,200.00 per mark per class

Probate & Letters of Administration

(Only with HDB Property) 



Adoption $3,500.00


Application to be appointed as deputy under Mental Capacity Act



Simple Wills



Simple Letter of Demand



Notarisation Fees

$40.00 per witnessing of signature

$75.00 per certificate

$10.00 for examining and certifying true for the first page  (where seal is required); and

$2.00 for each subsequent page

Recommended fees for Property transactions

Buying Property – Acting for Buyer 0.3% of purchase price
                                Acting for Bank 0.3% of loan amount
                                Acting for Borrower 0.15% of loan amount
                                Acting for Buyer and Bank 0.4% of purchase price
Selling Property – Acting for Sellers 0.15% of sale price
As recommended by Law Society 2003 – Read more

Legal Fees (then and now)

Lawyers involved in corporate work say they charge between $500 and $1,500 per hour and a major case can bring in as much as $500,000. Read more
For 13 months of preparatory work, the billing rate should be around $75,000 Read more
(2001 Government Survey)
Lawyers with fewer than 3 years of experience can charge between $200 and $299.
Lawyers with 3 to fewer than 12 years  of experience can charge between $300 and $399.
Lawyers with 12 or more years of experience can charge between $400 and $499. Read more